Ismetara // Ashadur

Mullick Ghat is a 130 year old flower market, the largest in Kolkata, and one of the biggest in Asia. People travel all over the city and suburbs to sell flowers here. Located right under the southeast end of the Howrah bridge, the market runs along the riverside. It’s primarily for people who want to pick up flowers for temple offerings and prayers.

Not all the couples are fond of stylish shoot where you need to get all glammed up. And you know what, that’s absolutely okay. Our friendly couple ISHMETARA & ASHADUR decided to feature their homeland in their pre-wedding shoot in a casual and more relaxing way. They flew from Jodhpur to The City Of Joy-Kolkata, went all around the city and snapped away with us behind the lens. 

They made all their efforts to keep the atmosphere light and carefree. Besides that they added some uniqueness in their shoot by choosing some unique street scenes. Not only that, ISHMETARA & ASHADUR shared their emotion to each other, roam around the city with the tons of energy, enjoyed the day by recollecting their good memories and made their trip very special by making lots of promises to each other.

We heard before ” having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find your soulmate in a friendship too”, but we believed this after we met our magnificent couple ISHMETARA & ASHADUR.

A girl from Kolkata and a boy from Cooch Behar, met together when they were posted in AIIMS, Jodhpur.

We realized from their story that their profession brought them closer, they became friends and with the time they found them extremely compatible and understanding to each other.

Their strong friendship made their parents convinced and they decided to turn their friendship into the permanent roommate. Isn’t it amazing? From their pre-wedding shoot what we will never forget is their strong ” Friendship”. 

Well, in their words –

“Marriage Is More Of Friendship And The Best Roommate For Each Other”.

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